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Welcome to my Blog

Note: I love getting comments on my posts, but the site builder I use doesn't allow for anonymous commenting. You'll have to register to my site in order to comment. I'm really sorry about this and am trying to figure out a work around. For now, if you'd like to comment and don't want to register, you can send me an email instead. :)


My Inner Weirdo

Yesterday, I flipped to a page in my art journal that had been a a spot for extra paint. I wanted to convey a message I'd received while...

Tell The Bees

I've learned recently that there's a beautiful European tradition to tell the bees when things change in your household (deaths, births,...

Going to the Magic Forest

This class, Magic Forest by Cristin Stevenson, has allowed me to dip into my imagination in a way I haven't before. Intro page Since I...

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