Heart Alchemy is a magical self-paced art journaling ecourse, which gives you the space to explore your feelings, come into the present moment through movement, tap into your own intuition, discover your personal lexicon of symbols, write, and, most of all, paint. Beginners are very welcome!

The magic of this class resides in the safe space we create to feel our emotions.

Two years in the making, this deep soul work has become an essential part of my personal art journaling practice and I have been led to share my process with you. 

In allowing ourselves to feel fully, rather than pushing it away or down, we find our own power. We bear witness to the feeling and from that witnessing it becomes less overwhelming or dissipates altogether. And then, we can call in the way we want to feel. 

 In my art journal, working with forgiving myself.

The Heart Alchemy process has been a huge help for me & I want that for you, too.

I will show you how I work with, not an entire emotion, but one specific instance of that emotion. Some examples are:

  • Anger at your boss

  • Grief over the passing of a friend

  • Stress about money 

We will work with instances where we feel/felt grief, anger, jealousy, stress, and fear.


If the thought of these emotions makes you uncomfortable, please know that they make me uncomfortable, too. And that's ok. Facing these emotions is how we grow!

Working with anger and rage.

It's about the process, not the outcome.

I’ll take you step-by-step through the process and show you mixed media techniques and suggest shortcuts I sometimes use to bypass holes in my own abilities, using stamps, stencils, and collage.


Come with whatever supplies you have.


If you'd like to splurge and need some ideas of what to get, I love using

  • Acrylic paint (craft paint in your favorite colors will work great!) 

  • Matte medium (or mod podge as glue for collage elements)

  • White and clear gesso

  • Acrylic inks

  • India inks

  • Molding (or modeling) paste

  • Tissue paper in my work

  • 140lb watercolor paper so it holds up to wet mediums (I like notebooks, but you can also use loose paper)

Calling in courage.

Working with stress around money.

What you'll get with your purchase:​

  • FIVE full-length, step-by-step mixed media art journaling lessons, with 10+ hours of video content in a downloadable PDF.

  • Bonus content:

    • One moving meditation

    • An 'Introduction to Mixed Media' mini class, reviewing a few techniques and supplies

    • A hand-drawn template to help you begin using symbols in your art journal. Includes a face, figure, a couple of animals, and more

    • One short how-to video where I show you how to use the templates

  • Access to our Heart Alchemy Online Art Circle (a secret Facebook group) to share your work if you like and meet others who are working through their emotions, too. The circle is a safe space where my intention is connection, love, and highest good. There, I may share my daily Heart Alchemy practice and may schedule a few live painting circles for us to paint together..

  • LIFETIME access to everything online and the ability to download the videos, if you like.

Price: $59 <LINK>

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