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Here's where you can find me teaching this year!

I would love it if you signed up for one of my classes. Art has become a huge part of my self care practice and I love sharing how I do it. By the way, the collaborative classes are affiliate links and I get a portion of the sale. Thank you so much!


I'm a bonus lesson artist in Effy Wild's 2019 Book of Days art journaling class. This year-long course is designed to help you build a creative practice with tutorials, bonus content, interviews, prompts, and an amazing community of fellow artists. My lesson in May is all about working through moments of low self-esteem and bringing more self-love into your life. Come play with us!


I am teaching in the Wild Creative Journey for Wild Sisterhood this year! It's an 8-week long class where you can show up exactly as you are and be witnessed. Totally my jam! You'll find tutorials, interviews and more from 20+ artists, including yours truly! I'm so excited about this. My session will be in late June and I'll be showing you how I cope with anxiety in my art journal. Come as you are, and find healing!

art workshop coming soon.png

I am so excited to launch my Heart Alchemy Online Art Circle very, very soon. In this class, we will face our harder emotions and work

to transmute them in sacred space using art, movement, meditation, symbology, and intuition.  

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