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10 Things About Me

I think my welcome page does a pretty good job introducing myself, but here's some other things I wanna tell you.

2017, made in Painting The Feminine with Connie Solera.

1. I’m a writer (marketing/advertising). I made my dream of being a full-time writer come true about 15 years ago. It is my ‘day job.’ I also write poetry, prose, this blog and sometimes books.

2. I am an art witch. I cast spells (set intentions) and work with the elements & archetypes in the pages of my art journal.

3. I’m an atheist. I focus on ‘now’ as much as I can and pay very little attention to the afterlife. Living well is what matters to me.

4. I believe there are no ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ emotions. They are all there to teach us.

5. I’m a geek: I love Doctor Who, Supernatural, the new Sabrina, Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Disney, Harry Potter, and so many more things. I go to Dragon*Con in downtown Atlanta every year with my husband. It’s like Mardi Gras for geeks and it is a ton of fun and sort of like home for me.

2017, made in Painting the Feminine

6. I love Diet Dr. Pepper, chicken piccata, my mom’s spaghetti & Mexican food.

7. I’ve lost 44 pounds in 6 months on Optavia. (sort of like Keto)

8. I love the beach and the mountains. I can’t choose, so we alternate vacations.

9. I lived in Europe for 6 months a few years ago (London, Amsterdam, and a vacation in Florence).

10. I have depression and anxiety. I am working on getting a diagnosis, but I think (after watching a few videos and reading some things) that I have borderline personality disorder, too. I am taking wellbutrin & vibryyd which have put me on an even keel for the most part. I'm currently looking for a new therapist. And I want to write more about this and be very upfront about it (this is part of the reason I changed my name on social media. I want to be more open).

Tell me more about you! 💜



PS: I'm blogging along with Effy Wild in April. If you'd like to join the facebook group to read the rules, go here:

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