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A Sunday to Love

Weekends are different when you're unemployed. But still there's something so unburdened about a Sunday. A feeling like a whisper.

My morning was spent abed thanks to my husband getting up with said baby boy. It was delicious. And when he left to go play games with friends, the baby was napping, so I got a few, precious, conscious minutes to myself. Again, my day in photos.

photo credit: Aliis Sinisalu,
photo credit: Luke Michael,
photo credit: Nima Izadi,

This last photo probably needs a bit of an explanation. It represents the blocks that I encounter on the road to doing what it is I really want to do. I have bartered for some life coaching from a friend of mine. When she asked me what I wanted to focus on today, I told her that I have had a block against editing videos of my art projects for years now. And after about 30 minutes of evaluating my emotions around editing videos, it's very interesting to notice how differently I think about editing now. Like, right after I post this, I'm going to start on a new project. And I can't really articulate all the things I learned during our hour together, it really was transformative.

I'm going to sit in sacred space while I edit. This will make it feel special. It will make it feel like it is part of the artistic process and hopefully, it will allow me to do it more often.

It feels so good to see an obstacle open up. (don't get me wrong, there was a lot of other stuff we discussed, however, it's very deep and I can't get into it currently. maybe tomorrow)

Photo credit: Simon Rae,



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