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Aaaaand here we go!

I'm blogging every day in April with Effy Wild and a lot of other amazing folks. <3

If you are a blogger, or want to start a blog, I say go for it. If you want to join our madness, join the Facebook group.

And now for my blog.

It's all happening! It's easter, but I don't celebrate because I'm not a huge fan of organized religion. (I'm saving my discussion about what I actually believe for a different entry.) But we did get to spend the first part of today with my in-laws and family. I love my inlaws but it can get a bit loud, especially when my husband is talking, too (he turned on his projecting voice in theater and never turned it off lol). And it can be overwhelming for me if I'm not guarding my energy or if I try to participate. I feel myself becoming agitated if I don't make an escape.

I grabbed the baby and spent a few delightful minutes outside alone with just my chunk of love. lol. Under the 100 year old oaks in my inlaws backyard, the sun shinning but we, two, sitting in the shade. It was magical. Liam was in the sweetest mood but never sitting still. I marveled at him being 10 months old already. The days are long, but the years are short. This describes infant care to a T for me.

The family soon descended not understanding that I wanted solitude. I forgave them because it is such a beautiful day. I held the center, as they stormed around me to get settled.

Currently, he is shrieking and giggling in his bouncy chair in the doorway to my studio, wearing a "My first Halloween" onsie because it still fits and because I think it's a funny thing to wear on Easter. And because I love Halloween.

For the full moon last night, I made some sacred art and copied directly from Effy's lesson. I don't normally copy, but I was feeling tender hearted and in depth diving, which most of the time I enjoy immensely, was not going to happen. So I allowed myself to follow along to her lesson. Here is the result (it's not a great photo, but you get the idea).

I love her. I'd like to do this again so that I can really get intuitive with the main focal image I create.



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