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Art as a Spiritual Practice

This is my magic. My spiritual practice.

What the heck does that mean?

For me, it means sacred play.

Tuning in to what you are feeling, thinking, and desiring, and creating from that place. Using your intuition and your paintbrush or fingers to create pieces that speak the language of your soul.

I am practiced at allowing my intuition (my Self) to create. I put on a tv show, so that my brain has something to listen to while my heart is painting.

Otherwise I begin to edit. to critique. to judge before it's finished. to course correct rather than flow.

But this didn't happen overnight. It's not something that comes naturally to me, especially since I don't tend to trust myself and my choices.

My word of the year is TRUST, and it came about by a desire to trust my gut, my process, my intuition, and working from that place in all areas of my life. Realizing that my intuition won't lead me wrong. That my past poor choices weren't made from a connected place. That I can trust in my gut feelings, as long as I know they are true and not fear-based.

What do you think your art practice is? Is it spiritual for you? Tell me in the comments!



PS: I'm blogging along with Effy Wild in April. If you'd like to join the facebook group to read the rules, go here:

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