Creativity Tuesday 4.10.18

Welcome to my weekly art journaling video series. Get out your paints and pencils and get ready to art with me!

Hi Friends! This week I was traveling through Pinterest, as I'm wont to do for inspiration and this beauty of a painting just smacked me upside the head. Sam Cannon has hundreds of pieces of work up on their site, so I really had to dig to find this one again. But find it I did. I love everything about this painting:

I decided I could probably use it as inspiration for a page in my art journal. Looking at the painting again, I can see that Sam Cannon probably works in watercolors, and I like acrylics best. I also used a different quote (I wrote one) and colors that spoke to me

So, come along on this joyride, let's see what we can make!

After I stopped filming, I decided to make the bunny a glitter bunny. I used Martha Stewart glitter paint in amethyst. Pardon the photos here, this one was hard to scan, so I took photos instead. lol.

So that's it! yay! I would love to see what you make!



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