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Creativity Tuesday 5.22.18

I'll be honest. We went out of town this past weekend to Asheville, and I was still trying to recover yesterday and this morning when I realized what day it was! So, posting at the last hour of the day still counts, right? lol

I definitely want to do another post on our trip, because it was wonderful.

So, after lunch I put Liam down for his nap and figured I'd go ahead and create something today. Friends, this was quicker than I normally do. I see a lot of spots I want to change, but I'm leaving it as is because it represents one hour of my time and I'm happy with that.

There wasn't a huge idea or feeling behind this piece. Sometimes there can't be. I'm still catching up on sleep from last weekend...and it's not like we partied that hard, not with Liam there with us! But I'm tired. So I let the sentiment do the heavy lifting today. And I'm ok with that.

I hope you enjoy the video run through I made for you!

Happy Tuesday, almost Wednesday!



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