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Creativity Tuesday 5.8.18

Hi Friends! I'm back with another Creativity Tuesday. Today's spread is all about letting my inner child out to play!

I bought this awesome stack of paper dolls from Tim Holtz/Ranger and as I went through them, I was struck by a cute little ballerina. The ideas took off from there!

I took ballet in elementary school, and since then, I've had an affinity for the grace, beauty and strength of ballerinas. Alas, I quit before going en pointe, and I'm pretty sure my feet are grateful. I'm glad I knew enough, even as an 11-year-old girl to know when it was too much. Instead, I began taking karate lol. Talk about a change of heart!

Here's the finished piece, with the added bits I talk about in the video. One of these days I'm going to keep filming after I think I'm finished! lol

I added gold iridescent to the yellow aura around the little girl, some white details around the sun with gesso and then added white iridescence on top, and used my signo uniball white pen to thicken up the lettering.

Here are some closeups:

Thanks so much for joining me and have a great Tuesday!



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