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Creativity Tuesday 6.19.18

I've been attempting to teach myself abstract painting. I'm learning a lot about color, what to do and what not to do. It's been fun to stretch in this way. So, for yesterday, I decided to do an abstract painting. Abstract isn't easy. But I followed my intuition and let my knowledge of color, form, structure, contrast and that kind of thing lead me.

Here's what I made.

It's saying a lot and I like the movement. I think perhaps using less colors might help for my next painting. Or maybe using neutrals plus warm or cool colors is a good idea too. I love how when I look at it my mind tries to make sense of it, tries to see patterns or images within the painting. I get a sense of a heart in the center and energy in the white/yellow waves cutting from the lower left up to the upper right. I don't think it has to mean anything, but I had to get it out. interesting. I really enjoyed working with inks in this way.

Want to see the video? Here it is:

And mentioned in the video is how I am taking the rest of June and all of July off from this project. I want to say a bit more about that here. My schedule changed at the beginning of June when I began a new job. And things have gotten to a point where I definitely needed to let something go for a while. So, this project is going on hold for a bit. I have some vacations coming up and things always get a little hairy around here in the warmer months. And I don't have as much time to art as maybe I want to. I want to spend my afternoons after work with my son, in the pool, or walking around the neighborhood. So I'm gonna go have a magarita on a patio somewhere, and you should too!



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