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I had a fantastic day today. How about you?

First, as part of the Strumpet Stencils Design Team, I got a stack of stencils in the mail today. Sarah's my favorite and she paid me in stencils to say that. lol

Second, I met up with some very cool folks and I'm hoping to get a job out of it. Going back to work full time feels weird with all the motion I'm in with my artwork currently, but the bills don't take paintings for payment, so I gotta make that cash. And my art will take a backseat to regular day job again.

I told myself a while ago that I can do both. I can provide for my family and provide for my soul. Plus, the day job I'm looking for is just as creative as what I make in my studio. Yay! And I'm not going back to Amy who was stuck. nope.

Third, Husband and I went to see Ready Player One and gawd it was cool. I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed sitting in a recliner and pushing a button for food to be brought to my grabby hands. yes. this is my throne now, you must bow. or something.

Time for arting. <3



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