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Goodbye April!

Blogging along in April is finished as of today, and wow did I fall off the wagon. lol. But I did a lot of pondering and a lot of writing, so I feel pretty good about my participation.

Yesterday was the full moon, and tonight I'll be working with those energies and casting my gratitude into the universe. This is part of the moonshine 2018 class I'm taking with Effy Wild.

I've been thinking recently about my art, and the things I've begun to do, like Creativity Tuesdays, and re-opening my etsy shop, and I realize I'm pretty impatient. And I fail to look at the things I've received, rather I'm looking at the things I don't have yet. And being impatient and looking at the lack of things in my life, leads me to being out of sync with the present. And it robs me of the excitement of making a sale, or the joy of taking this journey.

So, here I am, focusing on the good stuff instead:

• As of today, I've made 3 sales of my Wild Muse Collection originals. THREE! 2 of them were in the last week, which is incredible. I have 6 of the original 11 paintings left and prints of the originals that are in their forever homes. I have 2 more sales that I need to arrange for.

In the next day or so, I'm saying bye bye to this beauty, as she flies to her new home:

I love how she has stars nestled in her hair and shoulders. And the phoenix and the wolf. It's just so meaningful for me. And I'm stoked someone else loved it so much as to purchase it. Prints are available, if you are interested!

• I have 17 subscribers on youtube. That is up from the 3 I had when I began Creativity Tuesdays 3 weeks ago.

• I'm slowly gaining a following from the design team I'm on with Sarah Trumpp. This makes me feel good. I did it all for the stencils! I'm hoping this will lead to other opportunities on other design teams. It's definitely giving me a goal and things to do while I'm unemployed and searching for work.

I love what I'm doing right now. Even the editing, which can be tedious, is still fun for me. That's not something I ever thought I'd say. Editing is what held me back for so long. I thought it was so hard. It's not. It's fairly easy once you do it enough, like anything I guess.

So yeah, I want to focus on the good stuff. So I am.



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