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Gratitude Sunday

It's rainy but warm today. Pollen is covering most everything, which is super gross and makes me sneeze. My son has learned to pretend to sneeze, which I find hilarious and sweet.

I figured I'd follow Nolwenn's example and do a gratitude list today.

Today, I’m grateful for:

  1. My family

  2. Feeling better in my own skin through weight loss and self care.

  3. Time in my art studio

  4. Big dog head in my lap

  5. Early morning walks

  6. Snuggling with my son and reading

  7. The promise of improved house manners of the dog through the trainer we hired.

  8. Poetry and my writing ability

  9. Magic

  10. The fist bump my son gave Hazel’s paw.



PS: I'm blogging along with Effy Wild in April. If you'd like to join the facebook group to read the rules, click the banner:

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