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I Believe in Magic

If you had asked me a couple of years ago what I believed in, spiritually, I would have said that I believed in a God and Goddess. And I would have gone on to explain some other things I believed.

Over the last few years, my beliefs have changed, evolved to be more practical I suppose. I no longer care what happens after I die. I’ll be dead. I have no opinion, because no one knows and well, we are too focused on that and not focused enough on being present. In my opinion, anyway.

So now, I’d say I believe in living for the moment you are in. I think a lot of people around me are sort of reaching the same conclusions. That we have the power to shape our reality and it isn’t a god, goddess, or the universe who is doing that. That is our own intentions.

I believe in magic. If you think of magic as the unexplainable synchronicities in everyday life. The signs we see or ignore. The moments of delight. The ability to set intentions and have things you want come to fruition. As I align more closely with the natural rhythms of the world around me, I see that my power is strong. And it grows as I continue to pay attention and watch and listen.

I can’t explain ghosts or deja vu. I can’t explain how I channel wisdom that I don’t consciously know. I can’t explain it, and it’s not my job to try. And it’s all okay. I’m not here to convince the skeptics, I’m here to bring a voice and light to the things I’ve learned. I’m here to share what I have learned, what I have gleaned from my connection to the unexplainable. And not worry much about what happens after we die.

I asked myself: what if you don’t have a purpose? What if you are just an animal, like wolves are animals? A wolf isn’t worrying about what happens to its consciousness after it dies. It’s worried about food, water, its pack, howling, territory, and mating. Lol  

The present moment. I find that incredibly comforting. Because the present moment is long if you are doing it right.

And well, I think my purpose is to stay as fixed in the present moment as I can. To recognize the magic in everyday moments. This feels good to me, and true.



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