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I'm Making My Own Online Art Class

Hi friends! It’s been a hot second since I’ve written here. Things are moving right along. I figured out how I would get past my silly fears surrounding launching my first free-standing class.

Set a Launch Date.

Is it really that easy? I guess so, because it's working.

I pulled out my calendar and saw that the Spring Equinox is coming up on March 20th. Perfect! But I don't want to launch on a Wednesday. I want to launch on a Monday. March 18th!

Then I worked backward to figure out everything that I needed to do to make it happen. And even if things don’t get launched, it really is only my deadline, so while I’ll be busting my butt the next few weeks, it won’t be for nothing.

I used the energy of the Virgo Full Moon on February 20th to dig into all the details and come up with a solution that gets me where I want to go. I know that after this is launched, I’ll wonder why it took me so long to do it.

Imposter syndrome is a real thing. BUT a short deadline (4 weeks in my case) means I don’t have time to think about that fear. I don’t have time to worry over every detail and hem and haw about each thing. I just have to make a choice, and do it.

I kept getting stuck on the fact that this blog doesn’t allow people to comment unless they log in. That’s not something I like at all. But fixing it is an obstacle. So I’m going around it. I’ll deal with the blog question after this month.

There are other things I was thinking too hard on as well, like which emotions I should work on for the first class. And then, I just made a choice. I can’t worry that no one will fucking buy my class. Someone will buy it because they love me. I am lovable and this idea is valuable. I want to serve people in the ways that I can. One of those ways is this class.

Plus, I have so many other class ideas that I have to birth this one before I can do the others. Procrastination and not being motivated are very difficult things to overcome. And I think the way I’ve done it is working so far. I can feel myself pushing against the deadline and trying to press as much into the last week as possible, but my point to setting that deadline was so that I had time to schedule each piece of this on each day. I have to trust myself, and stop procrastinating because it doesn’t do anything for me.

So here goes nothing. 3 weeks til Launch. I hope you like the class. I’m not really going to worry too much about sales, but I’m hoping that at least 10 people take my class and get something valuable out of it, if not an awesome art journal practice. I’m excited!

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