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I Never Fold Socks

and other adulty things I don't do. (a list)

  1. Sock folding.

  2. Wear matching socks.

  3. Wash my hair everyday.

  4. Shower everyday.

  5. Carry cash.

  6. Put dirty clothes in the right spot.

  7. Wash my paintbrushes.

  8. Clean my stamps.

  9. Dust.

  10. Sweep everyday.

  11. Change lightbulbs in our house the second they go out.

  12. Vacuum.

  13. Write thank-you notes.

  14. Put the holiday decor away before the next holiday.

  15. Pick up the kid's toys after he goes to bed.

I've been writing this post for a while in my head. I think it's hilarious the things I won't do because I'm rebelling or just don't want to. I feel shame around some of these and others I don't want to make time for.

Having a full-time job out of the house means I have very little time with my child. An hour a day sometimes. And when I have energy when I come home, I am most likely going to spend it on playing with him, not vacuuming or folding another damn sock.


He runs around with mis-matched socks because I can't be bothered to look for matches, but I also think it's cute. He has a sock drawer. We are lucky I even have a place for them.

I just wonder how some people keep their houses in order. My husband and I have a running joke about how we need a third person in our relationship. One who would just clean our house, cook for us, and take care of the baby while we do what we want.

Admittedly, we probably just need to grow up and get on with adulting. No one is perfect. But maybe this made you feel a bit better...your house is probably cleaner than mine. lol What do you refuse to do in your house?



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