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In which I spam you with photos of Hazel

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

lalalalala! We got a new dog, which if you're in any of my other spots (Insta, FB) you will already know this.

Hazel is a 4yo Great Pyrenees bundle of sweetness and light, but a little 'go fuck yourself' (especially at 5:30am for no reason ๐Ÿ˜ณ. And heaven forbid there are sirens. Our neighbors love us...๐Ÿ˜‚).

credit: google search

Her first week with us was quite the adventure.

We drove back from Kentucky where she had lived on a couple of farms. It took us about 6 hours. Our son was with his grandparents, since it was a pretty long trip for a toddler.

Driving home:

On Wednesday, she pulled so hard on her leash that it slipped out of my hands. She was lost for half a day. It was terrifying.

I felt very guilty, but there was nothing I could have done differently. I'm so grateful someone got her and didn't steal her.

Thankfully, she was microchipped by her previous owner and the person who found her took her immediately to the vet. We got her back. ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

Stop peeing in my house, please.

We are having issues with house training, but as she acclimates to our schedule I think it's going to clear up. At least I hope.

She came to us with a UTI and, at 68 pounds, severely underweight. I think as she gets over the UTI, the house training will happen.

She tends to hunt for food (yesterday we came out from putting our son down for the night to Hazel on top of the dining room table. She'd eaten all the food my son wouldn't eat or that had gone on the floor!).

And I'd like to control that a little better. Also, the possibility of her pissing all over my house makes me incredibly anxious. I need to trust her.

So, we got a crate for her and put it together last night. And, in she went around midnight. My husband doesn't think she slept at all, but she'll get used to it. I also had the brilliant idea (if I do say so myself) to set up a white noise machine in the living room with her so that she wouldn't hear weird things and start barking at all hours. AND IT TOTALLY WORKED! I slept until my son woke me up this morning. Plus, my anxiety over her pissing while she's unsupervised is gone.

First few days at her new pyr-ever home:

I love her so much already.

It's hilarious that when I stand up, my son, dog, 2 cats and husband tend to follow me from room to room. I say it's hilarious...and it is. But it can also be super annoying.

I was grumpy on Sunday because I really needed some alone time, no humans, no dog, and no cats trying to sneak into my lap. I shut myself in our room for 40 minutes and felt much better.


Her name totally suits her personality. She's learning it, too. She comes when I call her. We have more things to teach her so that she minds her manners. And because there are specific things we want help with, we're going to hire a trainer.

But I'm hopeful, and totally smitten.

This is Hazel sleeping on the couch and one of our cats, Harley Quinn, draped across Hazel's tail and my leg. Interspecies cuddles, commence!



PS: I'm blogging along with Effy Wild in April. If you'd like to join the facebook group to read the rules, go here:

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