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Inspiration for my Wednesday

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

I was browsing Pinterest for something to write about and found this gorgeous image.

credit: pinterest

There are a few things I could do with it. I could print it out and paint over it, like Tamara Laporte taught me. I could do my best to recreate it freehand. I could trace it, too. I could cut out the headdress after printing and use it as is for one of my paintings.

When I first began making art 5 years ago, I avoided faces. I did a few sketches from the how to books I have, and liked what I did. But I had so many messages I wanted conveyed that collage and paint working better for me.

Now it seems I would much rather focus on the other elements than fuss with a face. So my girls are faceless, with big, weird cheeks. Lol But they say exactly what I want them to, so I think I’m good with my no face girls. I also thinks it gives my work a distinct quality. It’s different. And it scares me. No one else is doing things the way I do them. No one I’ve seen anyway. It’s scary to be out on this branch all by myself.

I wonder sometimes about the people who learn a particular method of painting that is not their own. And then they teach it. are they not worried that their stuff looks exactly like their teachers stuff? I would be.

But then I also wonder if my style is good or bad. The monsters in my head tell me that if no one is buying then they must be not good. My monsters are super mean to me. So I keep doing what I’m doing. Because I made 3 sales when I came out with something new. That feels good! But it also feels like I’m on the right track.

I’m currently working on a series of cats, lol. Because I love cats and the internet loves cats.

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