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Late Night Blatherings

A list of random bits in my brain currently.

  • Bob’s Burgers in my favorite.

  • Louise is amazing.

  • But I think I’m Linda. “DO YOU SEE MY EYES? THESE ARE MY CRAZY EYES.” or something. I think this is the kind of Mom I’m gonna be.

  • But Gene...with his songs and fart noises on the synthesizer. yes.

  • I think my dog makes me sneeze.

  • I think my dog makes my dog sneeze.

  • Can dogs be allergic to themselves? She definitely sneezes a lot. it’s super gross, y’all, because she sneezes ON ME.

  • My son says “Ah Choo!” pretending to sneeze. my heart melts.

  • I looked over at him today and he looked like a little boy in his shorts and collared shirt and mismatched socks and lit-up sneakers. What is even happening?

  • He laid down on the ground today in order to get his way. Mommy wasn’t having it. I picked him up and tried to distract him into doing something else. It worked.

  • He’s getting really good at leg hugs. His little crotch-level hugs where he makes it impossible to walk. cute.

  • When he sweats his hair gets all curly and it’s adorable.

  • My boy hates sunblock. hates it. but LOVES putting on lotion. *shrug*

  • He will be 2 in a month. The best 2 years of my entire life.

  • All of us get in our own way. How do you get out of your own way. I think the first step is knowing you are standing there with your hand up. The second step is to find things that will allow you to go around yourself. This is profound, in my head. But sounds stupid now that I'm writing it down.

  • I think I accidentally used this blog along to stop working on my art business stuff. Heaping loads of compassion upon myself and giving myself loads of grace. Slow is still forward, right?

  • I'm not so sure I'm good at balancing things. I'm good at concentrating on one thing: Full time work, Kid, then playing in my art journal and watching tv while playing in my art journal.

  • Tonight I pulled one of my journals and my markers into the living room and watched tv with my husband and made a mandala and doodles. It was our quality time.

  • Hazel doesn't like anything in my lap except her giant head.

  • When she sits on the couch, she is as tall as I am. Dog breath, y'all. whew.

  • I’m currently catching up on The Originals on Netflix, and watching Salem on Amazon Prime. My brain is mixing them up in my dreams. it makes for some hot monster folk fun. Klause & Alden. yum. Throw in some Supernatural for good measure and I can’t even. or odd.

  • to bed. mwah!



PS: I'm blogging along with Effy Wild in April. If you'd like to join the facebook group to read the rules, go here:

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