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My StrumpetStencils Intro Is Live!

Sarah's introducing me today and giving you all the stencils. seriously!

yayayayayay! Go win yourself some awesome, weird, fantastic stencils. When you go to the blog, you'll see what you need to do (basically comment and share and tweet and comment on the blog that you did so (not this blog) and you'll be in the running).

Here are some of my favorite stencils of Sarah's:

1. These crystals are everything! I love adding them to my art journal pages and using a stencil is way easier than drawing them out.

2. Do no harm, take no shit. What better way to make sure you are strong and grounded in your life than this sigil? I can't wait 'til this one is in my grubby little hands. I'm going to stencil it on my wall in my studio!

3. This one is perfect when I just have to have a bunch of eyes on my page. seriously.

4. This one is on my wish list, like the sigil above. When I finally dive into really studying the counter-holidays (read: counter to major holidays based in Christianity or another well-known religion), this stencil will be great for note taking and such. Also great witchy texture for backgrounds.

So that's some of my faves from Sarah (who did not ask me to do this, I just wanted to share the love).

Now go win something!



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