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New Alder Moon In Aries

On Thursday, I did some research around what this new moon will bring energy-wise and I let that information percolate while I slept in preparation for last night's New Moon painting/ceremony.

Technically the new moon occurred on April 5 at 4:50AM EST. And Aries is an action sign. It's also the beginning times two, new moon, plus the first sign of the zodiac.

Here's what I found from some youtube astrologers and articles, and what resonated for me:

  • It's a good time for a leap of faith.

  • Check that your innocence is intact — Your sense of wonder & reverence for the unknowable.

  • Aries is all about the energy of our Inner Warrior, which can be used to confront fears & do the thing that scares us. In doing so, we gather our personal power to us.

  • Go for the thing you want, even if you ruffle feathers.

  • Fearlessly loving who I am.

  • Put yourself first.

  • May need a lot of emotional support.

  • We are redefining what 'strength' is (Inner Warrior again). Strength is now being vulnerable with our emotions, expressing them honestly. Be the warrior who is protecting your inner child.

  • What we want will take work: Both the moon and sun will square with Saturn and Pluto next week (this means that the planets are in a 90 degree angle of each other, and usually mean pressure, like two different energies are not on the same page.).

So, in conjunction with Effy Wild's Moonshine class, I made a new moon vow based on my intuition and my above research.

My vow for this new moon is:

From this new moon to the next, I will work toward my goal every day until it is complete. No excuses. And So It Is.

Because of the Inner Warrior energy of the New Moon in Aries, I decided to do a portrait of who I think my inner warrior is.

She is a Witch standing fully in her own power and strong in her emotional vulnerability, of course. It gave me chills when I recognized this; it is so true. She is fierce and beautiful.

I did research on correspondences like colors, crystals, etc. and took notes on the things that resonated. Then I began to put the portrait together and worked with my vow in the painting to bring it to fruition.

  • Reds, oranges and golds for fire.

  • Phoenix wings speak to resilience, and fire energy.

  • Carnelian, garnet, and labradorite all correspond with Aries.

  • Sword for protection, fierceness and fearlessness in the face of hardship.

  • 4 elements in her hat (the tulip represents 'water' in this case) and in the ground (triangle symbols). For balance.

  • Black cat for Not Giving A Fuck What Others Think. 😂

Full painting:

There are some things I would fix, but the energy is complete and I'm embracing the mistakes. She is everything I could have wished for and I'm stunned by her fiercely feminine vibe. I love this so so much.

What did you do for New Moon in Aries? Did you make a vow?


Amy PS: I'm blogging along with Effy Wild in April. If you'd like to join the facebook group to read the rules, go here:

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