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New Moon in Aries

Yesterday, I celebrated the new moon in Aries with a party for one in my little studio. I cast a sacred circle, called in my guides and asked my muses to come sit with me for a while.

Researching this new moon, and the Celtic tree calendar tree -- Willow -- I found a lot of juicy inspiration for the piece above. There's a lot of symbolism within it for me.

I make a vow, or set an intention during each new moon, as a part of Moonshine 2018 with Effy Wild. My vow this go round was to practice self love through my diet and exercise. Mainly, I want to get into the habit of tracking my food for any given day. And the energies of this new moon, will assist me in developing a loving relationship with myself. It is very much in alignment with the things that I've been saying and learning recently.

Today, we worked in the yard to plant the plants we bought last weekend.

It was chilly, but felt great to be in the yard. I've never been a yard-work person. But implementing my plan for our front yard has been a year-long wait, so I was excited to get my hands in the dirt. We did some planting on Saturday, but the dirt in this area is basically red clay. It's horribly tough to dig in. It took us an hour to dig 3 holes with all the roots and rocks we found.

In the end though, I'm proud of my husband and I for doing it ourselves. It means so much more, and what's great is that I can make decisions on the fly, if it feels like we want to make a change to the original plan.

This is probably why I am totally spent at 11pm and falling asleep while writing this.

Tomorrow is Creativity Tuesday, and I have another project on its way! yay!

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