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New Moon: March

My new moon in Pisces yesterday was very emotional. My ascendant is in Pisces, and I think it was energizing and also working me in a major way. In that regard, while I’m keeping my vow to eat with intention and to bless my food for my highest and best good (I added this last bit yesterday), I also vowed to go with the emotional flow.

I didn’t do as much research as I have previously into the meanings around this particular moon, but I did enough and noticed my moods and figured out a vow pretty easily.

Working with the material from Effy Wild’s Moonshine class, I created this little mermaid.

I used a Julie Nutting stamp, but modified her hair and body, using the stamp as only a template for proportions. I find this makes things easier on me… to use stamps and stencils to make things I wouldn’t normally know how to do. It helps me to quickly get past the holes in my abilities and get to the arting.

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