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Self-Care Win

I have chronic back pain. It used to be just in my lower back, but recently in the last few years it's been mid-back, lower back, and neck (and sometimes ass too ๐Ÿ˜‚).

I don't know what it's like to live pain-free. And well, I tend to just ignore it.

unsplash by Romina Farias

huh, me, ignore my meat suit. why yes, I do that a lot. Except when it comes to eating. Eating is a Thing for me, which is why I'm on the eating plan I'm on! But that's another post.

It's been several (like almost a decade) years since I've been to a chiropractor.

And for the new moon I was feeling all fiery and found a chiropractor in my area, sent them an email and made an appointment for yesterday. Yay Self Care!

From my 2015 Lifebook. Lesson was by Donna Downey

I've never been to a chiropractor who hands-on adjusted. My previous Dr did the drop adjusting where the chair moves and you don't crack at all. This Doc was making me into a pretzel, asking me to relax (while I'm in pain?) and then moving me in the opposite direction of where my body was.

I resisted.

It felt as if she was going to break me. Break my back, my neck. I didn't trust her. She moved so quickly that I couldn't really catch my breath. I didn't know what to expect so I didn't know what was going to happen next.

Then she asked me to move onto my back or side and I had to lay there for a second to collect myself. With the pops came a rush of energy, a release. It was pleasant?

At some point she realized that I was a newbie and began explaining what she was going to do. But when she went to do it, I still resisted. Mostly because it fucking hurt.

credit: Annie Spratt on unsplash

Today, my lower back feels great. no pain there. My middle back and neck muscles are tender. I'm sore. She said this might be the case.

I go back to her today as she said that it will be better for me if I have adjustments really close together so we can get my back in a good place and then space them out more.

Hopefully the aches will go away soon.

Do you go to the chiropractor? Did it scare you at first? lol



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