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Slow Is Still Progress

Hey friends! Sloths are so cute. Look at this one I drew yesterday.

I'm pretty stoked with how cute she is. I was journaling about how I thought I would have a new job by now, and well, feeling bad that things were going slow. And in my head, I totally discounted the freelance gig I got this week. Like it was nothing. But in actuality, it was perfect to help me keep momentum and motivation to get the job that's out there for me. So even though things seem slow, slow is still forward. The time I'm spending at home is time that I'm so cherishing because it's these moments I won't get back with my son. So I wanted to celebrate in my journal that I was giving myself a bit of a break, rather than pushing myself and making myself miserable. Sloths are fine with a slow pace, why shouldn't I be, too.

Happy last day of March, y'all.



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