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Switching back to iPhone

I've been cheating on Apple for the better part of 3 years. Horrible, right? lol

We went to the store and updated our phones. The guy was like "We have a deal if you go with 2 androids." I stopped him mid-sentence. I'm the Apple in my relationship. My husband is very much the PC. He doesn't like the way Apple is configured and I can't abide by PC's just good enough attitude. Apple is intuitive, so of course I love it.

Or maybe I'm just a snob.

I had hoped that I would be able to maintain my blog with just my art, but this was the only thing that really happened today. I got a new phone. It is shiny. I spent way too much time choosing a cover for the damn thing — it has a fennec fox with a moon on his brow. It's delightful. I am grateful.

Oh! The other thing that happened was I finally watched The Shape of Water. When I watch movies it is like I step into the movie. I'm no longer me, I'm some voyeur watching the action. It's difficult to explain. I forget that I'm just watching the movie on my couch. Like when I saw the Lord of the Rings for the first time, coming out of the theater, I expected to see elves and hobbits. I expected my surroundings to be as they were in the movie. Perhaps this is why I can't do gory horror films. Not sure!

Anyway, this movie left me all watery and like I'm viewing the world very much like sunshine through water. It was beautifully shot and I wish I'd gotten to see it in the theater.

There was a review that I was reminded of that cracked me up and now it makes sense. The guy was very mad because "if the lady is having sex with the fish man, we should see the fish man's junk. We never got to see his junk! very disappointed." well. I mean, that's a thorough assessment, however I'm not sure I really needed to see the mechanics to understand what went down. lol apparently that guy did.

I really loved the movie.

Just so this post isn't totally without my art, here's something I did last night when I was in need of a laugh.



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