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You Are The Magic

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

A painting to welcome in Ostara and Spring. Plus, a full moon painting.

My intention with this still life was to create some magic for my altar honoring the new season. It was loads of fun and even though the perspective is weird, I really love how the stones seem to float above the fingers. Also, it's my first go at this kind of hand. I'd like to do more snakeskins too. I could re-do this one, if I looked more closely at the reference image. But I'm keeping it as is.

I created this on an art board so that it stands on my altar without needing a frame or any support. I'm so proud of this painting! Also, I created the following in conjunction with Effy Wild's Moonshine class for the full moon in Libra. I wanted to express my gratitude for the prosperity and intuition in my life. She’s holding a crystal ball so that she can see the future. Flowers for spring, Alder tree for the Celtic calendar month, mint, pink sky, and light blue crystal all correspondences for this moon. Crow because another name for this moon is Crow Moon.

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